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Premium Finance Insurance for the Cannabis Industry

From small local dispensaries to large cannabis companies.

If you want to learn more about our Cannabis industry premium finance options, please use the form to the right to leave us a message or click on the button below to download a brochure.




Why should a cannabis company finance their insurance?

Keep available credit for new business opportunities:

Keep your credit lines open for other cannabis business purposes

Put your money to work:

Earn more on the retained capital than you would by prepaying your insurance premiums

Amortize your payments over the term of the loan and free up working capital to invest in other cannabis business opportunities

Purchase more insurance coverage:

Purchase additional coverage at a competitive rate

Structured payments that will not increase:

Take pleasure in knowing your rate and payments will not increase over the term of the loan

Common questions and answers

How do I request a finance agreement quote?

Premium finance agreement quotes can be obtained through multiple channels: 

1. You can create your own PFAs by logging into your account, subsequently clicking on the “New Quote” icon, and filling in the required policy information needed in order to generate a PFA

2. You may call customer service @ 800-925-2546 where you’ll be able to talk with one of our representatives who can generate a PFA for you

3. You may call or email your assigned Account Exec directly so they can generate a PFA for you

How do I reset my password or create login credentials?

You may call customer service @ 800-925-2546 where you’ll be able to talk with one of our representatives who can assist with your Siuprem login

Can you finance multiple policies for the same insured on the same account?

Yes, our PFAs allow for more than 1 policy to be added upon inception.  If effective dates differ, the 1st installment due date will be tied to whichever policy has the earliest effective date.

Can you finance endorsements/audits and new policies on an existing account?

We at Siuprem understand policy changes occur regularly, if you ever come across an unexpected premium increase or policy for the same insured you may reach out to request financing on an existing account.  Please keep in mind that these must be financed within the existing installment schedule and financing cannot extend beyond these parameters.

How do I request for an account to be activated?

Provided that Siuprem has a copy of the fully executed PFA with all 3 signatures, you may click “Request Activation” on your quote page and we will receive a notification.  You can also reach out to us directly @ 800-925-2546 and request that the account be activated.

Where do I send the down payment?

Siuprem does not receive the down payments on PFAs, these typically go to the MGA or the carrier if working direct.

SIUPREM, Inc. is a full service independently owned premium finance company serving insureds and independent insurance agents since 1969. With over 50 years of experience in financing commercial and personal lines, SIUPREM combines industry-leading technologies with personalized customer service, creating flexible finance solutions for any application.

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